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Kingdom Dash is a fantasy, steam punk inspired endless runner. The game takes you through a vibrant and epic fantasy world as you escape from an Overlord and battle his endless knight legion hordes! Dodge oncoming steam powered hover trains along the train tracks to collect coins and power ups! Every run is unique and completely randomized. Enjoy this endless runner app with a highly detailed fantasy world optimized to run smoothly on all devices!


  • Vibrant 3D graphics running at a solid 60 frames per second!
  • Highly detailed and exciting fantasy world with richly textured buildings!
  • Dodge oncoming steam powered hover trains and mine carts and dash through the train tracks as quickly as you can to collect coins and power ups!
  • Hurl fire balls to shatter enemy knights and gain high score points!
  • Perform wild acrobatics with your hover skates!
  • Jump high above the hover trains and obstacles with your jet pack!
  • Fly high above the world with the energy wing power up!
  • Compare your progress against your friends!
  • Step over hover pads to collect random prizes and power ups!








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Venum Spyder

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Venum Spyder is an independent games studio that is internationally distributed. The studio was founded in 1996 and develops their titles using an in house custom 3D engine. Currently, we are focused on mobile and our first title is Kingdom Dash. You can find more information here.

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